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“The Fourth Europe Forum” Jointly Organized by CNIC Corporation, CEIBS and CHKD Concludes Successfully

On July 17, 2018, “The Fourth Europe Forum” jointly organized by CNIC Corporation, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Germany (CHKD), concluded successfully in Munich, Germany, where Mr. Zhou Yuxian, Board Member and CEO of CNIC, delivered a keynote speech.
Themed on “Enabling the Future: Ushering in a New Era for the Digital Economy in China and Germany”, the forum was attended by guests including Counselor Wang Weidong and Counselor Pei Yonggu,the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic Of China in Munich, Mr. Jiang Jianqing, Chairman of SINO-CEEF Capital Management Company and former Chairman of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Professor Ding Yuan, Vice President, Academic Dean and Professor of Accounting of CEIBS, as well as Mr. Rao Yuyong, President of CHKD.
As a keynote speaker, Mr. Zhou Yuxian delivered a speech on the “Prospect of China-Europe Win-win Cooperation”. He expressed that it is a golden time for European companies to seek development opportunities in China, at a time when China is opening up to the rest of the world with firm determination and has reached an unprecedentedly high level of openness. He stated that in 2017, bilateral trade volume between China and EU reached EUR 524.4 billion and Sino-EU economic and trade cooperation will now enter into a more prosperous period. He pointed out that companies should properly allocate production factors and resources and synergize market, labor, raw materials, technology and management to improve operational efficiency. Cooperation between Chinese and European companies is by no means a “zero-sum game”, but a win-win solution based on shared intelligence and opportunities.
Based on CNIC’s investment experience, he shared his thoughts and ideas on how to support cross-border cooperation among companies. He said CNIC has focused on supporting and assisting companies in cross-border investment and globalization, and has accumulated rich experience in this aspect, developing an extensive information and partnership network in China in particular. He hoped that the CNIC will better facilitate cooperation between Chinese and European companies and promote high-level cross-border cooperation for mutual benefit and win-win progress.
During the forum, CNIC also held the “Symposium on Investment in High-end Manufacturing in Europe”, attended by leaders of CNIC’s partners including central enterprises, CNIC’s European share enterprises, and financial institutions. At the symposium, Mr. Zhou Yuxian briefly reviewed the investment situation of CNIC in Europe duringits operation, and warmly welcomed and expressed gratitude to the leaders and distinguished guests on behalf of CNIC. The symposium was aimed at creating meaningful and valuable opportunities for CNIC’s partners with the goal of better understanding development needs, sharing experience in practice as well as discussing industrial dynamics and trends. Representatives from seven European companies, including Elkem, Adisseo, Hilite, Mercuria, KraussMaffei, Thompson, and Merit gave brief introductions to their business and development goals to the guests. Under the theme of “Sharing the experience in China’s capital market”, Dr. Harald Nippel, CFO of KraussMaffei, shared valuable practical experience in timetable, due diligence and communication with stakeholders during the company’s IPO process in the A-shares market. Mr. Liu Chao from the Corporate Finance Department of the Bank of China (BOC), a long-standing partner of CNIC, made a keynote speech on BOC’s service program for “M&A finance”. Mr. Tobias Koester, managing director of Goldman Sachs, introduced the development and investment trends of European manufacturing industry. Prof. Ding Yuan shared the challenges Chinese enterprises are faced with after cross-border M&A and the experience of coping with them.
Participants of the forum included company supervisor Wang Jingsu, CFO Dai Yusi, Secretary of the Board Wang Shujian, and nearly 300 guests from 187 organizations, including CNIC’s partner enterprises, shareenterprises and financial institutions, as well as local government officials, senior scholars. The forum also attracted widespread attention of and generated enormous publicity in domestic and overseas media.